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With the upcoming 2008 Olympics, Beijing will become focal point that it will once again attract attention from all over the world. After the 7 years development, Beijing International Furniture Fair has achieved a higher level no matter in the fair scope or in the exhibits profile.

With the highly development of the economics and the deepening of the reform and opening policy, people’s living standard has greatly enhanced, and the living conditions are also improved a lot. Because of this, the furniture industry, which closely related to the people’s living, is highly developing. What’s more, Beijing, as the cultural and political center of China, is gathering a great number of international and local entrepreneurs and high officials who have the great purchasing power on furniture.

Beijing International Furniture Fair plays a great important role as boosting the furniture market in northern China. With the ongoing construction of the Olympic field, Beijing government will invest RMB 280 billion in the city development. Thus, the demand of the furniture in Beijing will be growing rapidly. In the foreseeable future, Beijing will construct 10 subsidiary living regions, 32 new or renewed gymnasiums, Olympics villages, National Theatre, 5 central culture districts, central business districts, and the reconstructions of Zhongguancun, financial street, museums, hotels and residential areas. It’s expected that the demand of the furniture in Beijing would reach RMB100 billion till 2008. But the productivity of Beijing local furniture enterprises cannot fulfill such a huge demand. So Beijing provides a huge business opportunity for both international and domestic enterprises.

With the rising number of the furniture enterprises investing in Beijing, the demands towards woodworking machineries, metal subsidiaries and raw materials are growing rapidly. Because of the shortage of wood resource and the undeveloped local woodworking machinery industry, all these deficiencies provide a great opportunity for the foreign enterprises in field of woodworking machinery and wooden products to invest and extent their business in China.